Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AyeRight is not eating out anymore

Our correspondent's mind is once again back on food matters:'Our local newspaper carries over half a page of advertising for restaurants this week, in a 12 page paper that is quite a lot of column inches
Some adverts are for Valentines meals in February, others, maybe a sign of the recession are to entice us through their doors with special offers of cheaper meals.
‘Beat the credit crunch’ says one, ‘eat at home’ says me, but clearly that is not the answer they are looking for.
As reported in the Gurn, more of us our downgrading our eating out experience from restaurant to takeaway in an effort to save monies. Further down the chain folk are buying more takeaway type ingredients at the supermarket, only to be beaten by those of us who start meals with a pile of raw ingredients at home.
One restaurant advert that did catch my eye (Not because I wanted to go) is for a buffet style menu. ‘Eat as much as you can for only £8.95’ and kids eat free. With
obesity being a national problem I wonder how long it will be before the government bans such promotions much as it did with happy hours in pubs and bars?
I wish restauranteurs well, especially in the current economic climate but not on the back of encouraging folk to over eat!'

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