Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jordon House residents meeting with Albyn housing team

The Doc was there and this is his eyewitness report:

'Just back from what I could say was a pretty poor turn out (4) by residents from Jordon house with some of the management team from Albyn housing , in Nairn community centre tonight (wed) to discuss the state of play with regards to our housing situatiCheck Spellingon, present were
Housing and Communities Director: Helen Barton
Housing and Communities Manager: Catriona Naughton

Helen Barton opened the meeting by explaining the reason Albyn would not be renewing the lease on Jordon house, this was down to the state of repair of the place, e.g. roof needing repair, water damage etc, which would incur the owner of the building along with other essential repairs a vast expense which would eventually increase the rent of the building to Albyn and there for not make it a viable proposition for them.

She also emphasised the fact that Jordon house was never meant to be a long term solution to housing needs in Nairn, but an opportunity to house people for 10 years while they increased there stock of housing , with examples given tonight of bridgemill and lochloy developments,
when asked if anyone in Jordon house might be re-housed in any of these new developments, the answer was that "these new builds will not be complete by our eviction date". (bang goes the docs chance of a flat close to his beloved ducks wouldn't have to leave the flat to feed them ! )

Another point raised by another resident was the fact although we have eviction notices and a notice to quit ,with the latter being posted through our letter boxes after the meeting tonight!,
On the housing point system, we are not at this time in a homeless situation, as there is a year left on our tenancy, we will be considered homeless two months before eviction date of march 2010, but in all honesty the impression I got tonight at the meeting was that Albyn were doing there very best to house everyone here, they informed us tonight that in fact there was only 10 people left in the building now needing re-housed, so with my basic maths skills 1/3 of residents have been re-housed in the last 4 weeks , so the remainder of us should have not to much to worry about .'

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