Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AyeRight has a fond kip in his chair

'The recent cold snap has meant that once settled down in front of the fire of an evening with the Gurn displayed on my computer screen, I have been reluctant to get up and draw back the curtains to see what the weather is doing outside. On the Visit Nairn website there is a link to a webcam positioned at the Sunny Brae Hotel overlooking the Links.
Without rising from your chair you can now see if it is several feet of snow as yet, or if the sun is rising. Give the camera a wave as you are passing!
If it is snowing visit: which also has a webcam which will let you know if you should be sharpening your skis!
Now, I just need to find something that will throw another log on the fire for me, otherwise I will have to leave my chair'

1 comment:

dr-grigor said...

although i have had fun looking at state of play with weather by checking out that webcam, would not reccomend standing waving at it at this time of year, the pic updates around every 20 mins !