Friday, January 23, 2009

AyeRight says dump charges

Highland Council is in need of more money in it’s coffers. From the 1st April we are to be charged for the uplift for anything that cannot be crammed into a wheelie bin, namely £15 which covers up to 3 items (How about a fiver for one?).
Since the move of our waste/recycle unit way out towards Grantown, I can only see that this new charge will further encourage fly tipping.
Carry your dead fridge up the street on a dark night and save yourself £15, and save yourself the hassle and money of getting it all the way out to the Grantown Road which is the alternative to the charge.
Apart from how unsightly dumped items are going to look poking out of our hedgerows, there is also the cost to the council/landowner of clearing this predicted mess up. We also want waste items to get to a recycling centre - don’t we?
As our Provost said, it is the elderly and those on benefits who are going to be hit hardest by this charge.
Encourage us to recycle by all means, but make it free or its going to cost us in more ways than one!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I burn a bit of carbon so I can recycle at the distant Nairn plant, I always think of the Forres operation Moray Waste Busters who really seem to recycle and resell some of the waste that comes to them.
I have no-idea as to what happens to say the furniture that is taken to the Nairn recycling centre, landfill?

Anonymous said...

I always take my own rubbish for re-cycling. I see people who live in much more expensive locations who have the council remove their waste.
You wouldn't expect the Council to deliver your fridge. Why should they take it away?

dr-grigor said...

there is no doubt in my mind that fly tipping will dramatically increase when the new charges come in to force, Councillor Brian Murphy, Vice-Chairman of the Council’s TEC Services Committee, said: “There have been concerns that charging will increase fly tipping. However, this has not been the experience of other authorities who have introduced charging. The level of fly tipping in Highland has been monitored since black bag waste was removed from the bulky collection service in July 2008 and there is no evidence to indicate that there has been an increase in the level of tipping.”

a black bag is not such a difficult item to get rid of, it could easily be stored and put in the wheelie bin after it is emptied, but refridgerator's, ovens etc is a totaly different ball game, so judging the flytipping issue's on the basis of withdrawing the uplift of black bags in no way is going to give an idea of possible problems of the flytipping of bulky item's because of the introduced charges

Anonymous said...

'You wouldn't expect the Council to deliver your fridge. Why should they take it away?'

After the slippy pavements a few weeks back some of don't expect our council to deliver anything at all, let alone cooling devices