Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are Google searches trashing the planet?

Ayeright's green tendencies are troubling him today:
'An article in the Sunday Times has me worried. Am I boiling kettles all over the world each time I use a search engine?
Gurn stories sometimes come together over real cups of tea and the use of boiled kettles. This uses up a small amount of energy unless of course there is a biscuit involved.
I try and be IT green and to that end use a small laptop, consuming a small amount of juice compared to a desktop machine, but now when I hit the google button I have visions of whistling kettles bringing down the national grid.
I could trek to the library and make use of their reference books, but Gurn stories would then take on a very different shape.
Googling has become synonymous with searching as the word Hoover has for vacuuming. My vacuum cleaner uses 1200w of power when switched on so all in all a good excuse not to clean today so I can carry out a few more Google searches?
I’ll just put the kettle on!'

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