Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AyeRight can’t write (We Knew that!)

'I recently read an article that suggested that the Internet was to blame for us not reading anymore
I’m not sure about reading but computers have ended what ability I had in the hand writing department. In recent years I used to be able to practice a little by signing my name on credit card slips, but my signature has been replaced by four buttons that I press in a certain sequence.
I recently had to sign several legal documents and realised that my signature is now a random scribble. An artist might call it a variation on a theme, but to me it is now a work in progress. Back at home I practiced (As once I did as a small child) to produce a repeatable signing but just more scribble. A different pen produced no better results, and should it (Ha ha) become a collectors item in a centuries time, collectors will have a devil of a job spotting what is real and what is an Arthur Blake.
I am considering going back a few centuries and just making a cross instead of any attempt at scrawling my name. A wobbly line looks quite promising, but I sign so rarely now I would quickly forget as to what my new signature looked like.
Soon, as retina recognition becomes the norm I won’t even have to remember the sequence of four numbers, I wonder for how many years a draw full of Biros will last, forever at this rate!'


Anonymous said...

One can practiSe one's spelling of VERBS. (cf. license )

Yes,one can get a bit of practiCe with one's NOUNS also.(cf.licence)

Nairn said...

Oh dear, hauled up by my boot straps.
Years of having layers of subs and an editor have clearly made me lazy, and sometimes trying to type from a mobile phone keyboard is challenging, but clearly AyeRight has been given a 'must do better' report from a reader.
No promises but will try