Friday, January 16, 2009

AyeRight doesn’t take flight

An extra runway at Heathrow Airport may seem unconnected to Nairn, but already calls are being made in support of this mad venture to allegedly help the Highlands
No less a man than Labour's David Stewart is asking that on the back of this expansion, air routes to Inverness are restored.
The old battle cries of increasing tourism and business are being put forward as good reasoned argument for Heathrow to keep growing.
Swept under a very large carpet is any mention of climate change, the environment, or carbon emissions, these are mere poor excuses calling for a decrease in air travel.
I am not sure if Mr Stewart will address the environmental issues at all, maybe he will plant a tree or even hug one, but I very much doubt it.
2008 brought one clear message, we need to change the way we live.
At one time Nairnites enjoyed mainly local food, other items were imported by sea. I’m not suggesting that we revert to this plan overnight, but it is certainly worth seeing what we can draw from it. For example, many of the goods that are being hauled along the A9 to us could come by sea. It would take a few days longer but would be a cheaper method of transport, and I’m sure we could grow and buy more local food?
Much of what makes the Highlands special is its emptiness. I am constantly amused by people who move to this area (Usually from England) who initially are full of praise, ‘beautiful, mountains, beaches, wildlife’ and then in the next breath are asking for the A96 and the A9 to made into a dual carriage ways, and for all manor of leisure facilities to be built. Surely if you like an area enough to go and live there you are accepting it for what it is, and are not going to constantly critisice it’s perceived lack of amenities and bad roads (There are no bad roads, only bad drivers!)
Air travel is kept unrealistically cheap with no tax on fuel. Expanding Heathrow is ignoring the environment, do we really want more tourists if it means increasing the damage to the planet?


Graisg said...

Who knows what kind of an economy we are going to be left with before the present cycle of capitalism runs its course. It may be that wealth will return, for a few, but will the chance to run round with a fistfull of credit cards for years on end return? Will people fly so much?
Over and above those and many more questions it seems everyone and their grannies are against this scheme in London. I'd be surprised if it even lasts the length of this doomed pathetic Labour Government.
How can anyone justify destroying entire villages to build an airport - is this the UK or Zimbabwee?

Anonymous said...

The Gurn is an excellent site and I'd thought it welcomed all readers. So why did this piece have to add 'usually from England'? The undercurrent coming to the surface? In any case there are all sorts of reasons why people born outwith Nairn move to this area from all parts of the UK, including those who come to work! Are Nairnites working in say London prohibited from expressing a view on their new home area?