Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Do any of our local politicians have a blog?

I mean at Highland, Holyrood and Westminster level. Can't say I've noticed anything apart from Rob Gibson's Holyrood Matters. Please let the Gurn know if you come across anything else.

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Anonymous said...

According to:

The following folk have blogs (See list below). If they were being marked at school ‘must try harder’ would be a common comment. Few seem to be up to date, and most seem to almost be press releases rather than true debate or comment (I suppose they leave that till they are sitting in parliament!)

Many of their colleages without blogs have web sites which are used in the same patchy way, and for many MSPs their one concession to the electronic age is to publish an email address.

Seems like a great opportunity lost to me - maybe I’ll stick to reading the Gurn

Apologies to anyone I’ve missed, this is the list I have picked out through details on the Scottish Parliament site