Monday, January 12, 2009

Flood defences working but what about the drains?

Midday today there was a high tide coupled with a spate on the river. The local authority was on the ball and the flood defences were up. There seemed to be a problem with a drain in a carpark next to the river footpath however and water kept bubbling up as the tide came in. Result the depth of water on the protected side of the wall was the same as that of the overflowing River Nairn.


Anonymous said...

It was a very high tide - 4.4m according to:

It is water backing up through the drains that have caused flooding in the past, so not good to see that the drains are still an issue

Praise where is due, as mentioned the council were on-site activating the flood defenses.

Hope there wasn't any damage, and we have to be thankful for the lack of wind and low pressure or the flooding such as it was could have been much worse

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Just what was needed to clean all the dog mess of the path and grass.Well done the Pearly Gates.