Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ayeright spots the ultimate present for Nairnites

There comes a time for every Nairnite when you own everything you could possibly want, this is especially true after the Woolies closing down sale when you now have a few items that were bargains but haven’t a clue as to what they are!
Nairnites can also be difficult folk to buy presents for. Gifts purchased from neighbouring towns are sometimes frowned upon by a certain contingent who see no reason to ever leave Nairn, and for whom the High street contains all that they would ever want to buy.
The Gurn has found the perfect gift for all Nairnites, indeed the Gurn believes that all Nairnites will want to wear and display this item at all times - buy yours today (Looks lovely on!)

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Anonymous said...

You would need to be in Spaceout Mode to wear one of these at the moment.Distribute them on the High Street to tie up the horses.