Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bha e cho fuar ris a’ phuinnsean

'Cho fuar ris a' phuinnsean' is a phrase the Gaels are fond of. It means translates something close to 'brass monkey weather'. Literally, 'as cold as the poison', because poison it seems makes you shake as if you were experiencing very cold weather. Now 'bha e' is the past tense verb and Inbhir Narann means Nairn so whoever can translate the following sentence can claim a free mince pie from Ayeright: 'Bha e cho fuar ris a' phuinnsean ann an Inbhir Narann'. Pictures will enlarge.

More 'cho fuar ris a' phuinnsean' pics on Brian's blog and over at Bill's.

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