Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Come back another day?

AyeRight has been surfing again and finds a troubling site, he tells us:
Not sure about a recession for twenty years but is this site telling us something we don't know in looking for shops in Nairn?
'Oops! No Results Found...We are constantly looking for new bargains, discounts, and special offers in different locations, so please come back another day, and I am sure we will have something for you!'

Scary Ayeright, maybe it is those little green men that have escaped from the traffic lights? Better take a trip up the street to see if indeed we still have any shops left? Brian has a theory about this site - note comments.


Anonymous said...

Careful there - it's an autogenerated page and likely to be considered "content spam". It's quite a big industry online to set up generic descriptions of places with only slight keyword changes, in order to create a load of pages that claim to address a specific keyword search, but really delivers nothing.


- Brian

Graisg said...

Cheers Brian, will dump that link.