Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Woolies Craft Yard?

The Courier has an idea for Woolies in Inverness and they think it might work in Nairn too. Nice for the Invercentrics to mention us :-)
'Leaving it boarded up for a protracted period would generate an air of decay suggesting a city in decline. To try and prevent this, the council and the Business Improvement District need to step forward and contact Deloitte immediately to check if an alternative occupant is in the pipeline. If not, thought should be given to leasing the ground floor and sub-letting on a short term basis to local craftsmen who would not normally be able to afford a city centre presence. Perhaps the whole ground floor could become a craft market (Woolies Craft Yard?), at least for the duration of the tourist season, with counter space let to a changing mix of traders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.'
The full article over at the Courier: A big hole on the High Street

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Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but I seem to remember the Woolies in Nairn over flowing with tourists happy to buy all that it sold.
Handmade C U Jimmy hats, felted buckets and spades, and knitted CDs would only lead to the place quickly being dubbed 'Woolies crap market'.
Another hole in Nairn High street is not likely to have anyone panicking, but just let someone try and build a new out of town supermarket!