Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Lochloy lights misery for motorists

The traffic queues have been building up again in Nairn, the Gurnmeister just thought it was non-credit crunched folk from the East heading home from the sales on the Golden Mile but no it's those lights at the Lochloy Junction again.
'One man, who asked not to be named, said: “The latest fault is the green man coming on every minute for no reason at all. These lights have been faulty ever since they arrived. It is driving everybody stuck in the queues mad.” '
The Press and Journal has more, seems more repairs will be carried out today.


Anonymous said...

'Little green men'

Is this a drug or UFO based issue?

Anonymous said...
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Graisg said...

thought about it Big Holly, but they could come back with a solid denial and then what?

Anonymous said...

Not sure as to work was carried out, but at 14:00 today queues were building again, goodness knows what it is like now the evening rush is on.
Have the lights at this junction ever worked properly in terms of letting the traffic flow properly through Nairn?

Anonymous said...

Well if Sainsburys goes ahead as everyone seems to want, then the additional 4 sets of traffic lights and further roundabout that are all planned will surely solve the congestion problems, won't they?