Friday, January 02, 2009

A comment becomes a full-blown Gurn

Anon sends us a comment on the pavements article below, it's good enough to be a Gurn in its own right:

'On top of the lack of any treatment to the pavements (I've often wondered why cars get priority over pedestrians?) what about the scandal of the Council Office's being closed from 24th December to 5th January. This is a relatively new innovation but why? I can understand businesses such as building firms having a long break during the festive season but the Council is supposed to serve the people. Yes, have the statutory Bank holidays but the offices should be open for the public. OK, there is an emergency phone service but this is a public facing body. If you work there you should realise that at some time you should expect to work between Christmas and New Year, after all the Library (another Highland Council establishment) is open between Christmas and New Year, so what’s so special about the Council Offices? Another example of this bureaucratic institution forgetting why it is there?And don’t get me started on the Doctor’s surgery……….. '


Anonymous said...

It was interesting that only Queenspark Gardens was treated for ice. This was before Christmas

Graisg said...

Hi Anon,

I should hope that the sheltered housing gets treated everytime. It is easy, I suppose, to get the feeling that things are being ignored from one's own particular perch in the town but today the town centre pavements were very dangerous whilst the roads were fairly safe in comparison.
A Broadhill resident told us of seeing the gritting lorry up there about 0700 this morning but no subsequent action on the pavements in that scheme too. Maybe we will hear more if the Nairnshire takes the story up.

Anonymous said...

Was this the wrong type of ice? Even when there has previously been unexpected snow or ice I have seen it being cleared from the pavements even if was late in the day - this didn't seem anywhere today, what went wrong or is this the service or rather lack of it that we should now expect in Nairn?

Graisg said...

@ anon,

Would be delighted to publish your specifics about what was or wasn't gritted in Nairn and Inverness and alleged written complaint to Highland Council concerning roads in the North but, unfortunately, we need to be able to check sources or to be able to see for ourselves. We sometimes write a load of crap but it is, hopefully, accurate crap. Opinion is one thing, fact is another.
Is there a link you have to any press report?

Anonymous said...

Warmer temperatures seem to have resolved the ice issue today (Sunday) but I can vouch that pavements here in the Fishertown were not cleared of ice on either Friday or Saturday. Glad to hear that our council reached some parts of Nairn.
Maybe they need to start drinking Heineken so they can reach all the parts!