Friday, January 02, 2009

Danny Boy wants the job centre reopened

Danny Alexander is campaigning on this issue, I can't imagine the jobcentre reopening in its old location however, there is a a stockbroker's office there now. Maybe you could combine signing on with selling your shares?
'For JobCentre customers from Nairn, the journey to Inverness represents a severe strain on people trying to get by on a very restricted budget,” he said.
It costs both time and money which could and should be used trying to find work. Nairn’s situation is far from unusual. '
That's spot on Danny a five quid bus ticket to Inverness is a fair whack if you are trying to survive on a Giro. Let's hope all the local politicians jump on this bandwagon. Full article over on the P&J.


Anonymous said...

Danny makes a very good point. As more of what was once Nairn slips to Inverness (Planning, courts, etc) the plot seems to be to make Nairn more of ghost town than it already is, is this really what Nairnites want? Once gone it is going to be very hard to get services back. Centralisation can make a lot of economic sense but if you are looking for a job instead of the possibility of a daily visit to a local job centre how many trips to Inverness are you likely to make for £5?
Mobile phones and the internet have almost become the norm now so are job seekers also supposed to purchase computers to gain work? There is always public access to computers at the library but there is often a queue of folk and it isn’t very private.
We seem to be creating very 2nd class conditions for some of our citizens

Anonymous said...

Apart from lending books and DVDS, giving internet access, photocopying facilities, and acting as a tourist information centre, there is now a proposal that our library serves as a job centre!
Whilst I applaud the possibility of a job centre facility returning to Nairn I am slightly concerned for the already busy library staff.
Rumours of libraries offering a Starbucks type coffee service have yet to come to fruition in Nairn so we will need to keep popping to Ashers nearby.
I can only say that the fitting of the automatic doors was a good move as clearly there are going to be a lot of folk going through their doors!