Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Great Gurn Carry-out Opinion Poll

Ok Gurnites, want to join in our little survey? You may have noticed that the night time economy of the High Street can often look a lot busier than the daytime version as folk head down for their carry-outs from the local catering facilities. Tell us who is your favourite over on our Poll on the Gurn on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

It's not until you see a list that you realise what a thriving industry the take away business is in Nairn. Maybe we should build on it for tourism, 'Nairn, takeaway gate to the north'
It seems that takeaways are growing in number as well:
Might we see a new carry oot in the old Woolies store?

Anonymous said...

Well,having been both,"shown the gate and cerried oot" in the past.A new outlet in the high street would go down a treat for sure.