Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gulf stream failure in Nairn? Golf on ice...

Ayeright has spotted a Nairn related golfing tale from Fergus Bisset,

'Over the festive period I had proof of just how much people in this country love their golf. It made me feel a good deal less isolated as I was reminded I’m, by no means, alone as a golfing obsessive.On Hogmany my family travelled to Nairn to celebrate New Year and my dad’s 60th birthday - it fell on January 4. As he’d set the itinerary for the trip it, unsurprisingly, included a fair bit of golf. Nairn is blessed to have two courses of superb quality – Nairn West and Nairn Dunbar. We were scheduled to play a round on each plus another on one or the other.
Unfortunately this ludicrous cold snap that’s been affecting the country since the middle of December even had an icy grip over the Moray Firth. The Gulf Stream generally means this stretch of coastline enjoys milder, finer, weather than most of the northeast. But, not even the powerful ocean current couldn’t prevent a white blanket being thrown across the region while we were visiting.'

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