Saturday, January 10, 2009

Looking to the skies - build up?

Is this how Nairn should look in a few years time? Looking out towards the new Western suburbs? It could be if a certain Alastair McKay from Ardersier gets his way.
'Planners should scrap their vision of new towns between Inverness and Nairn and build upwards not outwards, says a community councillor who claims it would be more ergonomic and less environmentally damaging.'


Anonymous said...

I suppose they could call it "Hong Pong"before the new pongtoons are erected.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, you could get all of the shops in High St into one tower. Parking in the basement and maybe a new supermarket as well. Residential property above (Help for Jordon House folk?) sea views, tourist viewing platform at the top, this could be the redevelopment answer Nairn has been looking for. I reckon we should name it Park Towers